Most of the companies majorly face browser compatibility testing issues appropriately referred to as user experience testing issues which require widespread compatibility testing of applications with the latest platforms, peripherals operating systems and hardware to assure that your product works over a full span of technical specifications no matter which browser or device your customer use.

Our compatibility services can build a configuration matrix, and methodology to determine how well a software application functions with appropriate hardware, software, operating systems and network environments to identify the optimum number of combinations.

An application should function and respond the same way with different browsers, have backward compatibility, and have transparency through hardware and different compilers but without compatibility testing, organizations run the risk of possible adverse reactions due to incompatibility issues between new software applications and operating systems. Our testing environment is equipped with a diversity of enterprise-class applications designed to meet specific business demands to guarantee reliability testing.

Our Compatibility Test Suite

These applications are tested across different:

  • Versions of browsers and Operating Systems
  • Combinations of browsers and Operating Systems
  • Various display resolutions
  • Mobile devices, Tablets

Compatibility Testing Approach


Recognize a client’s requirements and evaluate any compatibility issues.


Establish all possible test scenarios and coverage options.


Execute tests using profoundly skilled and experienced test engineers, with the required hardware and software environments.


Report results of test cases, user test environments, identifying issues and defects, with accurate and comprehensive analysis of possible causes and solution options.

Compatibility Testing Differentiators

  • Cost-effective matrix extending from primary collection to an elaborate enterprise server landscape.
  • Compatibility Test Plan specifying precisely for the tests needed to be performed
  • Our testing lab offers all the software and hardware required for such testing
  • Test execution by our team of experienced test engineers
  • Maximum array of test configurations matrix    
  • All versions of the browsers currently in use including Chrome, IE6 to IE9, Mozilla, Safari, Opera.

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