In today’s profoundly hostile world it has become imperative for businesses to facilitate E-commerce and customer interfacing systems to assure 24×7 availability and a seamless, constant experience for the new breed of Omni-channel consumers. The enrichment of web technologies has empowered numerous end-users to engage with high platforms for several purposes. With the inconstant and seamless wave of unique and productive innovations, e-commerce industry is on the edge of enormous expansion empowering each smaller and larger organization including start-ups to make the best use of e-commerce platform in boosting up their businesses & services.

Challenges Faced During E-Commerce Testing

CopperTaurus has developed an eCommerce Centre of Excellence to address the challenges faced and deliver a value-added service. To ensure productive and dynamic testing and validation of eCommerce platforms along with its interfaces we leverage proven methodologies, techniques, processes, guidelines, and a tool and technology agnostic framework. When it comes to challenges, it progresses adhesively in multiple fields, which can be shown following:

  • Usability is one of the most developed competitive factors which create an extensive impact on the market. The challenging situation encountered while testing e-commerce happens when a user searches for a particular product, either the product is found, or user exits and the user can see that product in other eCommerce platforms.
  • Security is the most crucial component on which the whole system is dependent. There is also some set of regulations which should be followed by online retailers. It is a challenge for online retailers to protect a system to get rid of fake users and also maintaining transparency.
  • Performance is functionally the most critical factor in challenges. When it comes to online e-commerce platforms, an online transaction varies on a daily basis and drastically increase during holidays or in some significant sale offers. Testing an e-commerce website is especially challenging during this phase for maintaining the optimized performance of e-commerce site.

Our Solution

With a significant increase in the usage of internet in last few decades, there has been a substantial shift in the appearance of smartphones and tablet computers which had lead to a “Big Transformation” in the eCommerce industry. Consumer behavior has drastically changed and has moved them away from traditional transactions. Consumer base and expectations have raised the bar and expect eCommerce platforms to be faster, smarter and more secure. Transaction experience needs to be convenient, safe and also cost-effective. Consumers fueled by enterprises’ “Mobile First” strategy are also getting more attracted to multi-channel commerce consisting of mCommerce and Social-Commerce.

Our E-commerce Quality Assurance Services include:

System Mapping and Documentation

E-commerce testing incorporates an assorted set of operations having complex functioning. Our highly experienced professionals in quality assurance team collectively examine and analyze the multiple processes and documented in well- synchronized form to implement serious effort that will end up with a customized solution.

Sanity Check

The accuracy of application's functionality gives decent results and qualitative approach. Sanity check guarantees system processing and validates that the processing is logical to leverage expected functioning in a defined way.

Credit Card Testing

It is essential to check the authentication and availability of the live credit cards to make the system more secure which would be done by our systems and verify user account for a safe transaction.

Surveillance Test

Surveillance Test is one the most important tests that conduct an inspection to test system development to identify unauthorized users.

Implementing Regression Test to Address Defects

We perform regression test to address adhesive defects by applying a functional approach to make the system manageable and versatile.

Code Release

To bypass the delay due to miscommunication within the system, our team will provide suitable assistance in code release phase.

System Automation Testing

We have a team of passionate engineers with a tremendous set of knowledge to execute system automation testing with consistent effort.

We provide end-to-end security testing solutions to shield customer's data. We strategize test implementation with qualitative tools and perform software testing using frameworks and by showing various types of testing such as Endurance testing, Failover testing, Performance modeling, etc. we quickly identify response time, resource utilization and reliability of multiple real-time applications.

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