Functional testing is one of the fundamental activities of the Quality assurance testing process, and CopperTaurus’s Functional Testing Services assure the verification and validation of applications for enterprises and independent software vendors to ensure the proper and expected to work of the intended functionalities.

We focus on testing applications corresponding to defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality. Performance of the software functionalities exhibits the image of the quality possessed by it. CopperTaurus employs with clients in the multiple stages of the lifecycle to align the testing objectives towards the overall business goals.

Our Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is one of our specialties, and we introduce early testing in the life cycle to prevent defects and detect whether there are any bugs, broken links, spelling mistakes or any other type of errors in your product to improve the quality and decrease the overall testing costs and rework costs.

Our Functional testing expertise team is specialized in implementing several quality assurance services and functional testing across varied verticals and for multiple platforms like web services, mobile, desktop, and cloud which combines:

  • System Integration Testing:

    Sub-components or modules of software need to be integrated appropriately and interfaced with the system’s integration for efficient and unwrinkled functionality and to assure the reliability of attribute.

  • User Acceptance Testing:

    The software application needs to accepted by the target audience, and it needs to meet the expectations and requirements of the end user.

  • Regression Testing:

    The subsequent fixation of the recurring defects and proper validation of the existing functionalities is continuous during the testing process.

  • Functional Test Automation:

    Testing can be performed concurrently and parallel to the development process with Test automation. With automated testing, you can increase the productivity and efficiency along with improving the functional coverage and the accuracy.

Our Best Practices

  • We believe in providing valued functional testing solutions to our clients, and testing experts work rigorously to adopt industry standard scientific test techniques and best practices to conduct optimized testing while guaranteeing functional coverage.
  • We continually update ourselves with the latest tools and frameworks to meet the all-around functional and business requirements of the clients which include Exploratory Testing, Prioritized Testing, Business flow matrix, Risk-based Testing, Traceability matrix and many more.
  • We understand the importance of testing the software functionalities in real conditions and environment and ensure we practice it in our test lab environment.

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