Customers make up their mind in less than 5 seconds whether or not they will come back to you app! Customer Experience Driven Test Management is an art that we excelled at. Biggest win in mobile testing comes with balancing and prioritizing testing of critical paths across the combination of Operating Systems, Network Configuration & Settings, Environment and Test Data.

Challenges Encountered

Expect To Run Into Issues When Native or Hybrid Applications Are Tested Across Multiple Devices

  • Platform, OS  and Device fragmentation
  • Complicated User Experience
  • Mobile Device’s Hardware Specific Limitations
  • System Integration Limitations
  • Sluggish Performance Due To Architectural Design Complications
  • Insufficient Focus on Security
  • Incomplete Test Coverage
  • Lack of Setup To Continuously Test
Mobile Application Testing

Functionality is continuously building and it is important for QA to keep up the testing pace with Development on Functional and Backend Testing.

Mobile Web Testing

We ensure that Customer Experience is seamless across native apps, mobile web and web apps to create a single channel experience. Test Strategy is created with experience based impact as core focus.

Mobile Penetration and Security Testing

Operating in changing environments being the very nature of mobile devices, applications on it must be tightly secured without gaping holes. CT security analysts perform Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing and work with impact based prioritization.

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile test automation would be the best approach implement different factors and parameters like user interface, OS, network configuration, etc. associated with a mobile app to perform well-defined and accurate testing for each factor.

Mobile Performance Testing

The only thing that matters with growing popularity of the mobiles is the performance which is considered as an essential criterion and judges the quality based on it.

Mobile Usability Testing

Usability influences the customer's experience and satisfaction. User-friendliness defines the usability of the mobile app so that targeted audience easily adapt, learn and use the features comfortably.

Mobile Localization Testing

The primary objective of any company is to make the global presence of their mobile app through various app stores. But localizing the mobile app features and other relevant characteristics is vital to attract and target potential audience and meet their expectations and cultural needs.

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