In the current era of intense competition amongst the companies to establish their monopoly in the market, user-experience plays a significant role. CopperTaurus’s Performance Engineering & Testing teams have comprehensive experience in implementing cutting-edge services to our global clients. User experience is directly proportional to the software or system performance and with more significant performance more significant will be the size of customer pool.

CopperTaurus’s Performance Testing expertise spans a wide range of applications including web, mobile, cloud databases, client-server, distributed, high volume transaction systems, and highly sophisticated applications. We are specialized and recognized/renowned for providing the state-of-art performance testing solutions to boost up the performance of your software with end-to-end performance testing solutions implementations to help our clients launch future-proof applications with high scalability, responsiveness, and availability. Along with proposed functionality, experience to perform those functions uninterruptedly and with the ease and customer satisfaction are equally important to stay in the race ahead of your competitors and rule the market.

Our Performance Testing Differentiators

CopperTaurus Performance Test Engineering services’ proprietary frameworks accelerate and optimize testing processes by providing the best possible end-to-end performance test engineering solutions for various domains to support different platforms, like, desktop, web, cloud, mobile, and analytics.

Load Testing:

The unexpected increase in load cannot affect the performance of the software application. The end user would always require the application to run continually and perform adequately under a general increase of load.

Stress Testing:

Stress testing varies from load testing as in stress testing, with the increase in load, some adverse conditions, factors and the environment also combines to the degrading performance of the software. Hence, a software should able to perform adequately and efficiently under any stress condition.

Volume Testing:

A large volume of data is subjected to software applications for specific operation or process, and it needed for its performance not to be hindered by a considerable amount of data being flooded.

Soak Testing:

Maintaining the performance level and sustaining a critical load continuously for a more extended duration gives the longevity and stability quality of the software.

Spike Testing:

There can be a notable change in the performance of software with a sudden and tremendous increase or decrease in the load. In such instances, the software needs to be well equipped to face off without performance getting impacted.

Scalability Testing:

A website or a software application needs to be scalable to ensure hassle-free functioning to meet and accommodate the growing needs of the users.

Web Service Performance Testing:

Websites or web applications are getting heavy traffic due to the easy access to the internet. A web application or a site should be able to provide its services continuously and uninterrupted to its vast pool of users irrespective of the resources.

Agile Performance Testing Technology

With the help of CopperTaurus’s Agile performance testing methodology, you can build tests pondering business criticality, arrival rate, completion rate, geographic distribution, etc. which will help you to achieve realistic loads for your system requirements. Parallelly you can provide a comprehensive report that supports clients to understand the application quality and engage in improvement actions.

Our engineers have also developed reusable accelerators and solutions that assist testing of various SIP, VoIP, POS systems, and Mobile applications. We at CopperTaurus follow a robust Agile Performance Testing methodology to test applications using a cloud-based load generation strategy.

Essential advantages of this approach include:

  • Detection of bottlenecks at an initial stage itself.
  • Decrease in development costs and time to market
  • A reduction of infrastructure costs through enabling of on-demand test environments at competitive prices through our partner ecosystem.

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