Offshore Development Services

Are you looking for dedicated team of technical experts who can evaluate your product and recommend enhancements?

What Is It?

While you work on marketing your product, we’ll assemble an offshore development team of software engineers, Scrum Masters and QE specialists just for you. Extend your own IT team, in a distributed development environment to take care of the entire design, development, quality engineering and support. Your exclusive offshore team will increase output while reducing costs.


You Need This When?

You are having a hard time hiring and securing excellent, cost-effective IT talent in your home location.

You need a team working towards building a product which is customer focused, metric driven without defocusing the core team.

You have ever changing development goals but have no time for long-lasting hiring process.

What Can You Expect?

Reduce Cost by 60%

Transparent Costing

Flexible Access to Resources

No Recruitment and Retention Stress

Easy Team Start and Tuned Process

No Management and Payroll Stress

The Offshore Development obstacles

  • Companies who invest hugely in offshore development services usually face the following challenges during the product life-cycle:
    • Hiring people with lack of proper technological knowledge which ultimately affects the development cycle.
    • Lack of sufficient knowledge of work culture and at the offshore countries.
    • Culture collision between offshore and onshore teams.
    • Poor product quality.
    • High setup and operational costs.

The CopperTaurus Advantage

  • Get a quote and select your extended team members.
  • We will work together for about 3-5 months where we will analyse your product, identify the scope for improvements, suggest enhancements, and work on improving the quality.
  • We engage with companies onshore at product management level, understand company’s goal, vision and product’s roadmap and set up an offshore team.
  • We assure to build a team with a skillset that meets your requirements and is focused to contribute towards product development in your budget and time.

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