Customer is a social animal and interacts about your product on social media. Our sentiment analysis tool constantly crawls and extract customer feedback data, analyze it and report it to Product Management that drives quicker, more informed decisions.

CopperTaurus-User Sentiment Monitoring

Competitive Research

Yours Vs Theirs

Sentiment Analysis dashboard provides you with an accurate gauge of how your apps are perceived by users and performing in the apps economy by featuring competitive benchmarking, comparative analysis and more. We will analyse the attributes from the user reviews of your apps against the rest of the apps store, the will help you to know how your scalability in the market.

See Your User Reviews

You can always keep a track of what your users are thinking when you peek at their sentiment. Our Sentiment Analysis dashboard shows you user reviews from App Store analyzing their sentiment as Disappointed, Satisfied or Neutral. You can click on any category and drill down to the specific reviews to understand more.

CopperTaurus-User Sentiment Monitoring
CopperTaurus-User Sentiment Monitoring

Know the Device Your Customers Use

When it comes to the mobile app, it is very important for you to know OS which is been used by most of your customers. With views into details regarding the device used by the users, you’ll understand your targeted customers and can stay ahead of the competition.

What's Working, What's Not?

Discover how to improve your customer experience and how your app is perceived by your users. Best part? We’ll categorize reviews in such a way as to tell you what features users are requesting. That’s a serious leverage in market to stay ahead of the competition.

CopperTaurus-User Sentiment Monitoring

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